V/H/S (2012)
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Genre : Horror.
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V/H/S (2012)

Summary - V/H/S (2012)

Focused on a group of degenerate thugs who enjoy raping women and who are hired by a mysterious individual to go to an abandoned house and found there a tape of horrific images. The instructions said that this tape should be easy to recognize, but when they get home they find a huge library of them. Your task will then find out what the damn tape
REVIEW: VHS is a true anthology of Horror where we show several stories from the perspective of the camera in hand, old tapes and not so old lost in the house of a stranger rather strange circumstances, it is not known who hires these individuals ea and for that, many details are not explained and probably standing sequels.
VHS show various genres in their segments, slashers, monsters, ghosts, haunted houses, all from the perspective of a handheld camera and leaving a very good sensaciond and liberalism. I will try to briefly analyze these segments and then give a final assessment of the film, as I always do with films of this style.
Amateur Night: The first story is undoubtedly the best of the movie, but having a camera in the glasses and some details you remove something from” realism” is the one that best conveys the terror, the performances are credible and Hannah Fierman” making it” (I will not say) is pretty scary, even before the presence of this character was quite intimidating, a harbinger of what would happen then and the outcome is even brighter. I think they could have done a film alone with this story, there’s that.
Second Honeymoon: It could be classified as horror slasher itself nor on the end could be classified as a thriller rather perverse foot leaves much to the imagination of the viewer about what he has seen and motives. Not as impressive as the first story, is a snack.
Tuesday the 17th: slasher and is clearly reminiscent of Friday the 13th, Gore, murders pretty strong, is what we want to see a good slasher but is the most unlikely of all history and that takes away weight.
The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger: Ghosts could not be left out of the anthology, a girl has video chats with her boyfriend and tells him that he feels the presence of something strange in his house, like the second story , the viewer returns to be shocked and surprised by the final revelation and leads to speculation of all kinds. Personally starts well and ends in a way that fails to give honor to a good ghost story, but at least have ventured to do something different.
10/31/98: The latest film is the damn house, from the point of view of the script, as a genius by starts and as ends, not something you expect and the special effects were very convincing. Not better than the first story but it is not too far in terms of terror.
The main story is very open so if you can not make an assessment of it.
Before making a final assessment, I would like to dwell on an issue happens to many people when they see a mockumentary style film. The handheld camera style divides public input as in any other genre, there is a half who loves style handheld camera because they notice that charges much more realistic story told that way, a more personal, more everyday to face the terror. But the other half is that this style is bored and are more accustomed to more traditional horror with which we have grown almost a lifetime. The mockumentary style is neither better nor worse than the traditional” cinema” are different styles to create terror and here more than anything comes in every person’s taste.
VHS is a great horror film, one of the best mockumentary that have come in recent times, with fresh ideas and talent to carry them out. If you like the genre this is one of your appointments required.
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V/H/S (2012)

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