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Van Helsing (2004)
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Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy.
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Van Helsing (2004)

Summary - Van Helsing (2004)

We are in 1888; Van Helsing is a lonely Hunter, commissioned by the Catholic Church to eliminate the monstrous creatures of the Earth’s surface… He is sent on a mission in Transylvania to help the Valerious family, struggling for 800 years to destroy Count Dracula. It nourishes of dark projects using werewolves and looking for a great source of energy that could be made to him by Dr. Frankenstein creature…
This film is a veritable explosion of digital special effects, offering the viewer a spectacular show! The mixture explosive of various creatures of horror is a real success and we enjoy to see vampires, werewolves, Frankenstein or Dr. Jekyll (Finally, rather his dark face Mister Hyde) evolve in the same universe graphically treated in no downtime adventures…However, Van Helsing is not without some flaws as the laughable official reason of sending Gabriel in Transylvania (ensure the opening of the gates of paradise to the Valerious family!) is one. Almost invincibility of Count Dracula is another, which also eventually give an almost ‘cartoony’ effect really realistic in some scenes…the flippancy of the duo Van Helsing/Carl (his teammate Monk) and the somewhat humorous tone sometimes surprise also. In the end, Van Helsing is still very nice, the story is full of twists, charming (three women vampires and Anna Valerious are superb), the monsters are all very spectacular vampires to werewolves. Do not sulking his pleasure and to be wear by the entertainment and the spectacular offered here by a Stephen Sommers, who brought the project by writing and directing himself this film.
The vampires turn easily, they fly often and it’s really very powerful while respecting the codes of the genus (except Dracula himself who feared almost nothing!)
Places, atmosphere is very large this side show there! Castles, interiors such as natural spaces, secret passages, all places crossed by the protagonists of this story offer a beautiful, grandiose and often dizzying rendering! The French public should be noted, in the scene of intro of the movie, the Eiffel Tower still under construction, in a delicious background.
Characters, actor Hugh Jackman made a very modern Van Helsing; well away from the entire cinema we were accustomed to see this old indomitable enemy of Dracula! Kate Beckinsale (Selene in Underworld) is a year convincing Valerious, a courageous and militant daughter in a much curved Gypsy costume character! Finally, for the French public, the incredible likeness of Richard Roxburgh (in the role of Dracula) with Christian Clavier does not fail to surprise! He plays a Dracula angry, self-centered, narcissistic and happy, there still well away from the guns in force at the cinema to represent this famous character. His three wives have an important part in the magnificent spectacle of vampires and the story itself…


Van Helsing (2004)

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