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The Thieves (2012)
Added On : 26th January, 2013.
Genre : Action, Crime.
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The Thieves (2012)

Summary - The Thieves (2012)

In the films, casinos houses are available just so they can be taken down. However, one Korean criminal mastermind is not just taking a heist because the casino house is there, like The Everest in town center Macao. He is out for benefit. Nor is he the only one looking to settle ratings in Choi Dong-hoon’s Thieves, which reveals this Friday in New York are able to. A monster hit in The Korea, The Thieves has just about all the traditional heist film components. There is Popie, the cynical ringleader; Yenicall, his hot new accomplice to shimmy about in Cat Lady suits; and her predecessor, Pepsee, clean out of jail. They have been recruited for a job in the former Portuguese community by the man Popie and Pepsee fault for her incarceration—their former associate, Macao Park.


The Thieves (2012)

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