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The Iron Giant (1999)
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Genre : Action, Adventure, Animation.
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The Iron Giant (1999)

Summary - The Iron Giant (1999)

In 1957 a strange iron giant unexpectedly falls from the sky and is discovered by a child, who assists him upon impact and starts with a relationship of deep friendship, teaching him the ways and customs of human beings. Unfortunately, soon realize that someone more suspicion of the existence of the creature, and will have to flee from the dump of scrap where they have taken refuge. The relentless harassment of federal agent Kent Mansley put nervous to the alien, making it a threat to those around him and triggering fear among the population.
The iron giant is an animated movie of science fiction directed by Brad Bird for the division of animation from Warner Bros., released on August 6, 1999. It was nominated for the Nebula Award for best script and the Hugo Award for the best dramatic work. It is a free adaptation of a children’s book by Ted Hughes, The Iron Man, published in 1968. It is advertised with the phrase “Wine from outer space”.
The story tells how the small Hogarth Hughes finds an amnesiac “iron man” dropped from space, and saves him from electrocution. Grateful, the infantile giant becomes his friend. Hogarth, with the help of the beatnik Dean, is obliged to arrest a military force led by a general and his self-centered federal agent in his paranoid intent to find and destroy the giant.


The Iron Giant (1999)

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