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The Invisible War (2012)
Added On : 15th April, 2013.
Genre : Crime, Documentary, Drama.
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The Invisible War (2012)

Summary - The Invisible War (2012)

The Invisible War reveals the frequent occurrences of sexual assault of men and women,but mostly of females — soldiers, in the U.S. army, the methodical cover-up of reported incidents and continuing sufferer persecution by U. S. army government bodies. As the movie indicates, some 20 percent of enlistees report an attack, though the actual number is alleged to be almost double that. Additionally, the number of revealed occurrences is about double the number of revealed rapes in the private world. However, as the movie also shows, the abilities that be within the army have continually secured rapists and further offended their affected individuals when they step forward to grumble about the sexual attack they’ve experienced. The affected individuals are continually being limited of their municipal privileges, their right to options.

Kirby Dick, known for his investigative documentaries about the process of sexuality and community, questioned more than 150 experts from all of the divisions of the U.S. army. All had been raped while providing in the military, and those who appear in the movie speak gracefully about the painful psychological and emotional abuses violations they experienced and the continuous impact the problems and their consequences have on their lives — which range from severe depression to physical disability. Download The Invisible War and documentary movies download free with high resolution print. Kirby Dick is the director of the movie. The star cast of the movie are Anu Bhagwati, Helen Benedict and Susan Burke.


The Invisible War (2012)

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