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The Guest House (2012)
Added On : 15th February, 2014.
Genre : Adult, Romance.
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The Guest House (2012)

Summary - The Guest House (2012)

Regularly giving his little girl a hard time, Rache’s stinking rich and never pleased father Frank reasons her for no particular reason and then results in for the few days. He advices her to demonstrate his new associate Amy around as she will be residing in the titular and rather opulent guest house. The ladies get to know each other by first of all communicating about the pitfalls of long-distance connections as the 18-year old ambitious songwriter Rachel ogles the a little bit mature, and seeming oracle on all issues concerning love, Amy, while she requires a shower. Rachel is material enough to stick to her dad’s unreasonable punishment as the ladies keep talk over a number of associated with red. Then, whoops-a-daisy, she leaks some on Amy’s shirt significance that, oh no, she has to take her top off. In setting up Rachel and Amy’s awaiting venture into sapphic sex Michael Baumgarten follows traditional loving film tropes. The girls drive motorbikes along Venice Seaside, frollick without shoes in the sea and history several confessionals on a video camera, no question for upcoming tearful rewinds, all supported by a suitably saccharine ranking. It’s a tale as old as queer movies time. Boy dumps girl; girl meet new girl; and this flourishing friendly relationship gradually becomes a relationship. Michael Baumgarten’s new movie The Guest House, story of 18-year-old Rachel, an independent, goth-type, working with the latest loss of life of her mom and a break-up from her whiny, spiky haired partner. Summer time season before making for higher education, Rachel meets Amy a wonderful new worker of Rachel’s strict dad, who is staying in the loved one’s guesthouse while she gets settled in LA.

The Guest House (2012)



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