Download & Watch The Dam Busters (1955) BluRay FS 720p H264
The Dam Busters (1955)
Added On : 15th February, 2014.
Genre : Drama, History, War.
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The Dam Busters (1955) BluRay FS 720p H264

Summary - The Dam Busters (1955)

The action takes us to 1943. The engineer Barnes Wallis (Michael Redgrave), armament ministry employee, conceived the idea of making a bomb specifically designed to destroy German dams in the Ruhr, with the aim of causing major damage to the war industry in the area. After convincing command of RAF bombers of the viability of the operation, the execution of it will be assigned to bomber squadron 617, Lancaster bombers equipped unit, under the command of Captain Guy Gibson (Richard Todd), who immediately begins to prepare his men together to carry out the dangerous raid.

The Dam Busters is the wartime exploits typical film that narrates the difficulties first have to beat the driver of a bold plan to convince his superiors of the possibility thereof, to bind after the preparation of the dangerous mission by the charismatic officer on duty. In that aspect the film is not too original, although they shelled fairly closely to the historical facts, the technical difficulties involved and materials that perform a type of aerial attack that had never been implemented before. In that sense the movie succeeds reasonably entertain the viewer and is further supported by good performances from its star duo, in addition to having a suitable soundtrack, which is considered one of the classics of the genre BSO war. It is dedicated to the mission execution where else accuses the chronological aspect noted earlier, because the special effects, which were certainly very good for the time-have been quite out of step with current standards. The sequences showing the destruction of dams somewhat crude models combined with transparencies using a fairly obvious that recreate the underwater explosions, while recognizing that given the time, not much more could be expected in appearance.


The Dam Busters (1955) BluRay FS 720p H264


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