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So Undercover (2012)
Added On : 17th January, 2013.
Genre : Action, Comedy.
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So Undercover (2012)

Summary - So Undercover (2012)

The important headline for Miley Cyrus’s newest outing was, So Undercover until someone absolutely made the decision it seemed too annoying even for her fanbase. Given that the movie is now advancing directly to DVD in the US, perhaps the facilities should not have organised back: if anything, this anodyne Miss Congeniality rip-off could use more bratty fizz. The ageless tween-pop celebrity – she lately left her teens, but still seems 13 going on 50 – is at least on sparkier type than she was in ‘LOL’ a few months ago. Still, as a tomboyish personal eye selected by a shadowy FBI agent (Jeremy) to integrate a super-girly higher education sorority and secure a witness’s little girl, she is miscast: where we might believe Sandra Bullock as a tough-talkin’ girl more confronted by lip-gloss than a gun, Cyrus seems to be enjoying dress-up when she has on the biker equipment that is apparently her second epidermis. Not-especially-high great jinks happen. Kelly Osbourne is on side as a energetic partner, presumably to make Miley cyrus look more attractive by comparison. Comedy movie So Undercover download with high quality print from here.  Turns out, Miley Cyrus has a full-on come back organized for the second half of 2012: new songs, a come back to the little display and, as exposed last night, a featuring part in the Warner Bros. action comedy So Undercover. The fast-talking Cyrus stars as Molly Morris, a secondary university student-turned-private investigator who, as the movie trailer surmises, “isn’t like most teenaged girls.” Simultaneously though, the So Undercover video shows moments that look quite acquainted — a “requisite” transformation, difficult simply walking in pumps and a first experience with a boy who will absolutely combat the protagonist’s programs.

So Undercover (2012)

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