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Shallow Hal (2001)
Added On : 26th February, 2013.
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Fantasy.
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Shallow Hal (2001)

Summary - Shallow Hal (2001)

Hal (Joe Black) attends a session of hypnosis with his friend Mauricio, and the hypnotist for doing a favor hypnotizes him, to see the beautiful side of people more than its physical appearance. Since then Mauricio (Jason Alexander), who warns him falls madly for Rosemary (Gwyneth Paltrow) a beautiful woman in his eyes but not his friend’s of his madness. But Hal sees it as perfect details that when her panties come to his hands are resized and a bag size not matter and asks the hand of Rosemary to marry him. Unfortunately, the hypnotist returned to its normal state and Rosemay is actually a woman extremely obese. At the beginning he repents of having committed and avoids back to meet her, breaking heart to the poor girl. Just after Hal begins to realize, that Rosemary was the most beautiful woman that had ever been beyond the physical appearance and feeling true love, comes back for it, but this time it may be too late.

Shallow Hal (2001)

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