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Seven Samurai (1954)
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Genre : Action, Drama.
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Seven Samurai (1954)

Summary - Seven Samurai (1954)

Seven Samurai tells the story of a 16th century Japanese people village group that, led by a group of seven warriors, protects itself against a range of pillaging robbers. When several of the village’s men, cause by a hot-head known as Rikichi, develop tired of the yearly raids of the bandits, they choose to act. Since the people do not have the martial capability or expertise to fight, Rikichi looks for mercenary samurai who are willing to protect the agreement in come back for food and accommodations. The seven men who accompany Rikichi house are a different lot. They consist of the sage Kambei, an excellent innovator of men; Kikuchiyo, a burly clown whose expertise with a blade does not coordinate his arrogance; Kyuzo, a basic expert swordsman who allows his tool talk for him; and younger Katsushiro, who idolizes Shichiroji and Kambei. Also in the celebration are Heihachi, Shichiroji, and Gorobei. After educating the men of the city how to fight and planning the city for its protection, the seven samurai wait for the unavoidable arriving of the 40-odd bandits and the fight that will figure out the peasants’ future. Download Seven Samurai full movie with high quality print from here.


Seven Samurai (1954)

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