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Seduction (2013)
Added On : 16th May, 2013.
Genre : Drama.
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Seduction (2013)

Summary - Seduction (2013)

RAM is a straining fireman down on top of his good fortune. He will get suspended from that job pending research directly into their operations. This excellent happens whilst moving heaven and also earth to obtain funds for that fathers kidney transplant just where he himself will probably be the donor.

However Ram is a survivor. He has knowledge in ways to use his good looks and appeal to seduce people who can certainly help him. Searching for a place to stay, He eventually ends up leasing an area in his local’s property, realizing that the owner TRINA is keen on him. He finds this girl wearing a lonely and also susceptible government that one night, some kind of romantic encounter becomes inevitable.

Ram is however surprised once the lady turns out to be evasive after being romantic along with her. He finds her enigmatic withdrawal even further mystic because Trina has been a doting existence from a distance.

Then SOPHIA comes directly into Rams life like a fire inside the night. Soon after rescuing her in a hotel fire, Sophia asks to meet up with the leading man that saved this girl life. Whenever Sophia understands of Rams suspension from work, she accepts that offer to be this girl driver and bodyguard as she goes around the nation leaning more about the society and this girl origin. Sophia is a dirty rich, half-Filipina heiress from Paris who runs this girl personal Wire Company after this girl parents died countless years back.

Ram is however unprepared for the games that Sophia takes on while being with her. Really appealing and also clear-cut, Ram is seduced into her internal world just where passion ends up being a significant component of the commitment.


Seduction (2013)

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