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Sacrifice (2010)
Added On : 2nd November, 2012.
Genre : Drama, History.
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Sacrifice (2010)

Summary - Sacrifice (2010)

Sacrifice gets off to a incredible start. The movie easily includes the viewers in its tense story of revenge and wrong identification before developing to an psychological mid-climax that could put most movies’ endgames to pity. The rest of the movie does not stay up to the very powerful first 50 percent, but the outcome is a China outfit drama that is still head-and-shoulders above identical, more well-known stand up. Depending on the historical perform The Orphan of Zhao, Chen Kaige’s movie tells of a coup taking developing in the state of Jin. General Tu’an Gu (Xueqi Wang) hatches an intricate story against judgment Fight it out Ling (Peng Bo), whose sis Queen Zhuang (Fan Bing-Bing) is married to the brave and attractive common Zhao Shuo (Zhao Wen-Zhou).


Sacrifice (2010)

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