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Rust and Bone (2012)
Added On : 28th December, 2012.
Genre : Drama, Romance.
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Rust and Bone (2012)

Summary - Rust and Bone (2012)

It may be a little early for awards season, but I have no question that Rust and Bone will be in the thoughts of Oscar voters over the coming months. This  French drama from film director Jacques Audiard, whose previous work include the fantastic A Prophet, requires a acquainted and cliched set up and manages to create it experience unique and highly effective. When along with two fantastic but distinct activities, the outcome is an best drama that makes an impact and is one of the most highly effective movies of the year. It informs the story of two people with very different conditions. Stephanie is a killer whale instructor who likes her job but does not have identity; Alain is an jobless younger dad having difficulties to provide for his son or live up to his responsibilities. The two have a opportunity experience but think nothing of it. When Stephanie experiences a terrible accident through her perform, dropping both her feet, she changes to Alain for support. He reveals her no bad, has no discomfort around her like all the others and a relationship produces between the two. Alain begins to go down unlawful routes that could quickly get him into problems whereas Stephanie starts to take pleasure from her new identification and produces a new take on life. Rust and Bone is an interesting item that contains comedy, enlightenment, darkness and redemption. It’s certainly not a dreary, depressing film which is so often the situation with dramas of this nature. It contains a variety of feelings that help you associate with the figures journies. There are a lot of excitement in shop for both figures, good and bad, which is the concept Audiard is trying to spread. Life cannot be organized or controlled, you have to evolve to modifying conditions. Stephanie is a prime example of someone who believed she realized where her life was going but was instantly pressed in another route which modified everything. The energy of nature is also proven to be life modifying or even life ending, with metaphors such as the fantastic dolphins or basically snowfall and ice displaying the frailty of our own bodies. The concept of modification dominates above all in this film.


Rust and Bone (2012)

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