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Rocky Balboa (2006)
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Genre : Drama, Sport.
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Rocky Balboa (2006)

Summary - Rocky Balboa (2006)

It will be take 17 years to Sylvester Stallone to provide a beautiful conclusion to the saga that made its fame. Yet the project does not date from yesterday… Indeed, it was after turning “Copland” in 1996 it intends to make a sixth opus, failure and mediocrity of the fifth him having left a bitter taste. Bringing this project was not easy because at that time the film had changed and the production of yet another opus was risky in more than one way. It will take several years and several screenplay drafts for “Rocky 6″ can become a reality.
It is now 17 years as Rocky said farewell to the world of boxing. Since he has lost his wife Adrian, Balboa is a restaurant on behalf of the love of his life. Among his work, the strained relationship he has with his son Robert and memories of the best years of his life that corrodes somewhat of the Interior Rocky to lose his bearings. After the district where he spent most of his life, Rocky goes to the bar where he regularly stopped in his youth. It is here that he finds Mary, thirty years after brought her home when she was still only twelve. This last life with her son Steps in a small apartment and all three will be in the files of the time very close. It is with the boy that Rocky will buy a new dog, Punshy.
In the meantime, the boxing world knows a great passage vacuum. The Mason Dixon world champion fought indeed that of tocards and the population sees it as an insult and the cause of the decline of the sport dear in the hearts of many Americans. It is in these circumstances that the television broadcasts a virtual battle between the current champion of the world and former Rocky Balboa, whose result is the victory of the legend.
Rocky finds the desire in him back in the ring but as an amateur, he has no comeback plans but more to indulge in local fighting. At the same time the managers of Mason Dixon are redeeming their foals and they see the curiosity that to attract the virtual combat as a real chance to do this. After obtaining the license is acquired by Balboa as the latter visited him to offer him a media encounter with the current world heavyweight champion.
Although having no plans to engage in a battle of a large-scale, Rocky accepts this meeting. He can convince his son and her handsome brother Paulie to help him train. He also appeals to his former manager Duke. Thus begins a real Rocky back and his entourage in the boxing world. The evening of the meeting, all his relatives were present at the combat which, although it is a simple media coup, remains very serious. Rocky cash and makes shots during the ten rounds of the fight, and that he is not been declared winner by the judges, the audience acclaim him, also his opponent.


Rocky Balboa (2006)

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