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Rocky (1976)
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Genre : Drama, Sport.
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Rocky (1976)

Summary - Rocky (1976)

Rocky Balboa is a guy from the street that was about to become a true Boxer but who the wrath of his trainer Mickey Goldmill, abandoned to the menial to a loan shark known throughout the district and especially on the docks. Although not satisfied the lifestyle he leads Rocky find confidence in him in all first place thanks to the affection that he wears to Adrian, the sister of his best friend Paulie, a young woman with the morbid shyness as he feels isolated. It will become an important part of his life and his greatest support.
In parallel, the champion of world boxing Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) which the new fight is scheduled for January 1st is lack of challenger since his opponent said package due to a broken wrist. The Organizer itself to trouble to arrange it, but Creed will launch the idea of offering a boxer’s last category his first chance to win the title of champion of the world of box.
His choice will be on Rocky who will soon receive the proposal. It will refuse first and foremost fear is ridicule but eventually accept because he is aware that this fight could be the chance of a lifetime. Adrian will support in his choice, and his friend, Paulie who thinks as Rocky in his luck.
Shortly after going on television, the young boxer will receive a visit from his former coach Mickey propose him to become his manager. Rocky, although the old man wanting to not having enough support ten years ago that he will accept the results. For him winning is not the most important, all he wants is to go the distance and will also all get there.
When comes the evening of the match, it’s a real fight of gladiators who will be on the ring. Rocky will face his opponent with courage and tenacity and will stand up to the end of 15 rounds. The decision of the judges will include Creed winner but Rocky to managed to remain standing throughout the battle to his pride!
Shot on a budget of less than a million dollars, nobody could have predicted that the film written in just three days by screenwriter and actor Sylvester Stallone became such a big success at the box office. Real surprise upon its release the film obtained queues years the status of cult film and gave birth to five suites unequal structures but by their success in rooms not come loose once. Failing to drop out of the role, Stallone turns to writing and found his inspiration in a combat indicator face world champion Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner. Indeed, to the astonishment General Ali was put on the mat by Wepner and although it did not win the fight, Chuck would become the basis of what will be the character of Rocky Balboa.
Both producers Irwin Winkler and Robert Chertoff take an option on the script and have no problem imposed Stallone studios as long as the budget does not exceed one million, even a ridiculous sum for the time.


Rocky (1976)

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