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Red Dawn (2012)
Added On : 1st March, 2013.
Genre : Action.
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Red Dawn (2012)

Summary - Red Dawn (2012)

Red Dawn is an action movie. Made over three year ago and lastly plopped into theatres following MGM’s economical problems, Red Dawn is the rebuilding that never should have been. As opposed to the 1984, Cold War-inspired unique, periods have modified to the factor the plausibility of the film is instantly thrown into query. Even once you get beyond the absurd conceit and we’re presented to the list of stars that will be major this muppet show, there is very little purpose to withstand the length.In the unique it was the Russians that were invading the U.S., now 28 years later it’s the Northern Koreans, a choice that was achieved after the film was initially taken with the intruders being from China, but through a bit of digital magic we understand Hollywood perceives the only difference between Asian societies is the the flag they fly. Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson are big titles with Hemsworth enjoying Thor in The Avengers and Hutcherson as Peeta in The Hunger Games. Considering the worry of international intrusion is restricted at best, one could only believe this is a film completely focusing on teenager ladies seeking to see their favorite hunks on the big screen.


Red Dawn (2012)

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