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Pitch Black (2000)
Added On : 3rd December, 2012.
Genre : Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller.
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Pitch Black (2000)

Summary - Pitch Black (2000)

A transport ship accidents on a wasteland while moving a group violent criminal. The docking lead Carolyn Fry (Radha Mitchell) finds she is going to have to depend on the Richard B. Riddick (Vin Diesel) when the survivors find out a risk hiding in the darkness on the earth.

Pitch Black came out of no where to obtain a conspiracy following. The film is having fun and fast. It has a few authentic excitement and does a excellent job with a number of creativities in the movie to keep the audiences surprised. The film is shoot in a fairly stylized style with cleaned out shades of yellow and blues film the whole taken. The wasteland is used perfectly during the day areas of the film, but when it changes to night, the set style goes way down and it sometimes unfortunately looks like they are capturing on a set. The animals in the film almost feel like the bug hordes from Starship Troopers. They are awesome, but fairly common. I kept anticipating a bigger creature to appear or something that really would be a challenge. The movie performs, but it would have been awesome to see Riddick to go up against some huge monster. You can download Pitch Black thriller movie free without membership process from here.

Source: IMDB.com, Rottentomatoes.com

Pitch Black (2000)

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