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Mad Buddies (2012)
Added On : 1st April, 2013.
Genre : Comedy.
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Mad Buddies (2012)

Summary - Mad Buddies (2012)

Leon Schuster is to South African what Crocodile Dundee is to Australia – a nationwide value – although in Schuster’s situation I wish it were a laid to rest value, he’d create excellent organization for all the old gags that he keeps searching up and shoehorning into his movies.

The movie follows deadly enemies Boetie and Beast who after getting themselves in prison from a problem are given the choice of rushing to Gauteng with the proviso being that they combination the complete range as buddies. The provide comes from the alluring Kelsey who wants to candidly catch their experience as a stay transmitted reality TV display with the participants being none the smarter. This of course is done with the delights of Reverend Mda who condones the show’s soul of nationwide variety. The race however often shows too problematic for Boetie and Monster who harbor a large anger towards one another.

Forget tale, ignore pacing, ignore the primary tenets of filmmaking, the only factor interpreting this as a film is the point that it was captured on photographic camera. Mad Buddies is a disorderly mix of exhausted old slapstick raised from 20+ years of Schuster antics – they were not funny then and they still aren’t. The gags in the film mostly move around rectal evacuations, actually it seems like a more apparent concept than the cockamamie governmental undercurrents around the nationwide split.


Mad Buddies (2012)

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