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Kiss Me (2011)
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Genre : Drama, Romance.
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Kiss Me (2011)

Summary - Kiss Me (2011)

Romance can open up at the most inconvenient minutes, and that is accurately what happens to hetero-inclined Mia (Ruth Vega Fernandez) and self-aware Frida (Liv Mjönes), two 30-something profession women who meet at a party enjoying the involvement of Frida’s mom and Mia’s dad. While the two female’s position as upcoming stepsisters is a powerful obstacle—not to bring up Mia’s own engagement to a man—the two begin a passionate psychological and sexual conversation that results in important issue between or their family members and family members. Their mom and dad, in particular, must fight with the accident of the personal and governmental that their daughters’ evolving relationship makes. From the beginning, director and writer Alexandra-Therese Keining styles an natural, nuanced perspective of Mia and Frida’s unfolding romance. Thanks to the particulars that drive the story, the resulting film arc sensibly sidesteps clichéd melodrama and gains important strength via Fernandez and Mjönes’ apparent chemistry and truly empathetic performances. Download Kiss Me free full movie and free download 2011 movies with high speed downloading.


Kiss Me (2011)


Release Date: 6 April 2011

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