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John Carter (2012)
Added On : 20th April, 2013.
Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy.
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John Carter (2012)

Summary - John Carter (2012)

So every year it becomes more and more popular science fiction, which is associated with the hypothesis of the existence of habitable, but the dying world. Will be released in the spring, several films of this trend. Probably because people want to believe that we are not alone in this universe, so the writers create such works, and then their fans are still waiting for the movies. They hit film “John Carter,” which filmed based on the book “Princess of Mars.” It is interesting that the author by astronauts. Who knows, maybe saw something, so decided to share it with the world, and can, so passionate about his profession, which gave the world such a masterpiece. One way or another, but the movie was brilliant – through massive, colorful, charismatic characters and, of course, there were no special effects.
In this story, a whole new world opens before us with its laws, by nature, creatures. The protagonist of the novel and the film is John Carter. In the past he was the captain of the army, took part in the Civil War. And now he gets to Mars.
It being captured, and then put on one of the fights where Carter easily defeats the monster. Crowd cheers, but their ruler struck abilities of our hero. So Carter gets a high position in the tribe and the leader of his friendship – Tarsus Tharkas. Though tarka cruel by nature, they are not very similar to humans, but their rulers were the ability to love, make friends and be loyal.
Tarka – is just one of the races that inhabit Mars. When the Princess of Helium enters Tarka – Dejah Thoris, a real beauty, Carter penetrated to her special feelings and promises to protect her forever. Activities of the red race of Martians. This world is rough, the new governor wants to manage all and destroy all in its path. John Carter so imbued with the new world situation, suffering of its inhabitants, that he was ready to fight with his new friends side by side. He becomes their leader and led the fight. So our hero found a new world, but it is justifiable to the hopes placed on it? See the action adventure “John Carter.”
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John Carter (2012)

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