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Jism 2 (2012)
Added On : 11th March, 2013.
Genre : Drama, Romance, Thriller.
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Jism 2 (2012) DVDRip

Summary - Jism 2 (2012)

Jism 2 is exactly what one would believe it to be — an amalgam of skimpy clothing, a salacious story, and similarly bad performing. If you are launching an new star named Sunny Leone  with serious intents to break her mold, and ignite an different profession. In the first few moments of the new Bollywood movie Jism 2, there happens to be skin-deep discussion between a cop and a self-proclaimed movie star. He says “Isn’t it time you provided your country”. She reacts, “I do … by getting off my clothes”.  Pooja Bhatt is the director of the movie Jism 2. The main star cast in the movie are Randeep Hooda, Sunny Leone and Junayeed Bin Fakhrul. You can download bollywood movies and full movie Jism 2 download from here.

Source: IMDB.com, Rottentomatoes.com

Jism 2 (2012) DVDRip

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