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Java Heat (2013)
Added On : 19th May, 2013.
Genre : Action, Crime, Drama.
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Java Heat (2013)

Summary - Java Heat (2013)

Jake Travers discovers himself within a police station, covered in blood vessels and in headcuffs. He’s in Indonesia’s Java, and he has lately live through a destruction bomber strike. Lt. Hashim, and begins asking Travers, who says he’s a training associate on South Asian art record from a U.S. school, who came in the nation a few periods ago. Travers was the last one, who discussed to the queen, the Sultana of Coffee, before she got murdered in the boost. Later however it changes out she did not die, and Travers is not really a training associate either, but a cop, who is been monitoring down a particular enemy cell. Soon, reluctantly, Travers and Hashim have to get together to discover and reduce the effects of Malik, a wealthy enemy, who kidnapped the queen and programs to offer her. First, let us focus on the top stars. Not to audio like Kellan Wesley chapel was miscast, but who on the globe would believe the guy is a “teaching assistant”? Lutz however, due to his amazing develop and looks, manages the activity the right way, while not really looking like a cop. Something in Travers does not “sell” him as a cop. A man of activity – yes, a cop – not really. Indonesian performing professional Ario Bayu as Lieutenant Hashim however is quite credible as a cop, and for some purpose at periods informs of Indicate Dacascos. Bayu’s performing is not excellent, but he’s credible in his aspect. As for Mickey Rourke, who has performed fairly much everyone, from cops, to transvestites, to wrestlers, his aspect as Malik here is quite a strange one. We’re never described where he’s from, yet he talks with France feature, and is termed as American in the movie. Malik is a child molester, who prefers to have fun with little Indonesian young children, and he’s a robber as well. A stunning personality – just like Rourke himself.

Java Heat is an interesting action movie, where the action really begins choosing up from the middle of the movie.


Java Heat (2013)

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