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Independence Day (1996)
Added On : 25th January, 2013.
Genre : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi.
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Independence Day (1996)

Summary - Independence Day (1996)

The best shot in Independence Day is one of the first ones, of avast darkness dropping across the lunar surface. Visitors have came frombeyond the solar program, and soon their existence is recognized in ourskies. Their deliver is fairly big: “One- 4th the dimension the moon!” ascientist gasps, and although an item that dimension in near-Earth orbitmight be predicted to cause tidal surf, this is not a film that slowsdown for the little information. As the chief executive of the U. S. Declares and an variety ofother inventory films kinds look on, the mom deliver dispatches smallersaucers to float menacingly above Earth’s places. Do they come in peace? Don’t create me have a good laugh. As David, abroadcast specialist and laptop or computer expert, soon finds, they are usingour own satellite tv program to time an attack. How does he know that? Because his laptop or computer gets the signaland shows it as a electronic readout. As enough some time to moments check downtoward Armageddon, I had only one question: Why are the aliens usinghours and minutes? Does their house world have exactly the same lengthof day and year as ours?


Independence Day (1996)

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