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Home Alone (1990)
Added On : 2nd December, 2012.
Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Family.
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Home Alone (1990)

Summary - Home Alone (1990)

Home Alone, a amazingly violent, weird dream for children, became the biggest grossing comedy of all time. It also made a celebrity out of a funny-looking kid known as Macaulay Culkin. Eight-year-old Kevin McCallister (Culkin) seems ignored by his large, annoying near relatives and punches a mood fit on the eve of a vacation journey to Europe. Exiled to his room by his mom (Catherine), Kevin fatefully desires that his near relatives would vanish. The next day, he wakes up to find himself all alone in the home. Terrified at first, he soon shows skilled at fending for himself. As his guilt-stricken mom starts an difficult journey back from European countries to save her son, Kevin ornately protects the property against a couple of scary but comically inefficient thieves (Daniel Strict and Joe Pesci).  Home Alone is directed by Chris Columbus, the film’s slapstick drops smooth and only the discomfort continues to be. Yet the film’s concept seems even more distressing than its assault. This could be the first comedy–it’s certainly the first vacation film–which concentrates on kid abuse. As Kevin launches pellets into the criminals and requires a blowtorch to their heads, he’s guiding the anger he seems toward his neglectful parents at these two people. The only really pleasant thing about this movie is Culkin.  He’s an uncommonly natural kid acting professional, but even he doesn’t always endure the boring gags. Home Alone series free download without membership and with HD qualiy print from the links given below.

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Home Alone (1990)

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