Girls Against Boys (2012)
Girls Against Boys (2012)
Added On : 15th February, 2013.
Genre : Drama, Thriller.
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Girls Against Boys (2012)

Summary - Girls Against Boys (2012)

Two young waitresses try to take revenge on the men who have hurt them throughout their lives, embarking on a spiral of violence in the streets of New York. Girls Against Boys (2012) is full of thriller. Pretentious is an over-used term, its significance probably worn down, but Girls Against Boys, in all its armchair-feminist wonder, is exactly that. Present as a logline to fishing baitcasting catch category lovers and hinging on a director’s name to stimulate the art homes, the movie will, the fact is, fulfill neither. Following in the actions of a lot of exploitation oldies, the newest movie from Austin, Girl would like to believe it’s the first rape/revenge movie with bigger problems of sex tasks and how we cure each other on its thoughts. It’s not, and is not nearly revealing enough to power a discussion, intellectually or as respond to its shows of assault. Chick’s therapy of the on-screen bloodshed—save the sexual assault itself and a amazing abdomen slice—feels less a choice of constraint and more basically dull. Same goes for its therapy of pop culture’s misogyny, common harshness and unclear behaviour toward females. Simply revealing there happens to be issue is not a position, and Girls Against Boys flipflops between having nothing to say and being uncertain of what it’s trying to say—which creates it as superficial as some of its simply exploitative forerunners, just much less unforgettable.

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Girls Against Boys (2012)

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