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Friends with Benefits (2011)
Added On : 20th February, 2013.
Genre : Comedy, Romance.
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Friends with Benefits (2011)

Summary - Friends with Benefits (2011)

The film directed by Will Gluck and starring Justin Timberlake and the beautiful Mila Kunis, tells the story of Dylan (Timberlake) a young man who is a kind of guru of the internet and has the talent to make your web pages generating much traffic. Jamie (Kunis) is a Scout and has the task of recruiting a young with Dylan features for a major company who wants to revitalize its web page. Served table on the fate of Dylan and Jamie lives converge inevitably and soon both discover that they have much in common.

The relationship between two young friends becomes complicated when they decide to become involved romantically. They thought that to remain friends and having sex was going to be easy to carry, but soon realize that not going to be both.


Friends with Benefits (2011)

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