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City of God (2002)
Added On : 26th December, 2012.
Genre : Crime, Drama.
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City of God (2002)

Summary - City of God (2002)

City of God is a very recommended Brazil movie directed by Fernando Meirelles which I had always desired to see but never was able to until now. Depending on a real story, the movie occurs non-linearly and over the period of two years in the City of God, a well known slum western of Rio de Janeiro. The movie follows the direction of two little boys: Rocket has a interest for photography and is identified to increase above the hardship, destitution, and gang-related assault that is universal around him. Too intelligent to be a fishmonger, too type to be a gangster, Rocket is trying to evade from the desolate lifestyle he seems fated to live. The second boy is Li’l Ze who increases on to become City of God’s most extremely effective and callous group innovator. Li’l Ze is wild and unforeseen and has no issues getting lifestyles for the least offense. The movie is mostly targeted on the aggressive go up and down of Li’l Ze as seen through the eyes of Rocket. Strikingly, City of God is like 2008′s Slumdog Millionaire as Slumdog is almost an similar ripoff of this movie. It is quite similar in that it also represents the severe lifestyle in the slums of a major city, uses some of the same non-linear date techniques used in City of God, and has the same generalizations of characters inhabiting its severe globe. However, City of God is often much more harsh, surprising, and intense. Meirelles is not scared to provide some of his most surprising moments a chance to drain in. One of the most memorable landscape is the one where Li’l Ze requests little children, hardly 7 or 8, whether they want to get taken in the side or in the feet. After capturing them, he then ask another little boy to perform one of the two. The unforeseen and callous actions of not only Li’l Ze but also the Runts, features of 7 or 8 yr-old children with weapons keeps you on the advantage of your seat as you wonder whether someone is going to die unnecessarily once more. Is truth too difficult to take? The movie is not all hopeless and the audience can discover a little humorous comfort with a little area of the movie devoted to Rocket’s wish to discover really like or his few little efforts at becoming a legal. He never discovers the durability to hold-up anyone because everyone he satisfies are so type to him and he easily gives up.


City of God (2002)

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