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Bolt (2008)
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Genre : Adventure, Comedy.
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Bolt (2008)

Summary - Bolt (2008)

Bolt is a dog who starred in a television series in which becomes hero thanks to his superpowers. After being sent by mistake from Hollywood to New York and believing that their powers are real, Bolt embarks on a journey full of adventures back in the company of a hamster called Rhino and a cat’s name Mittens.

In this film of the Disney have the simple story of a dog named Bolt, whose confusion between reality and fiction leads you to an adventure between East Coast and West of the United States with a cat and a hamster.

Mixing action with sentimentality and comedy, “Bolt” tells a story of initiation self-discovery and loss of innocence, meaning the importance of friendship, the acceptance of our own nature, the need for heroes in a lackluster real world, and the importance of the value to confront the problems.

The film begins with a TV epic that mixes the detective adventures of Rex with a parody of the Hollywood of superheroes and other characters of loud blockbusters, to later focus the referred themes alternating moments of slapstick humor, echoes in the bond between the dog and the cat, and dramatic moments of disillusionment, a mixture of emotions that set an overall tone of melancholy and bittersweet.


Bolt (2008)

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