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Avatar (2009)
Added On : 2nd March, 2014.
Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy.
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Avatar (2009)

Summary - Avatar (2009)

Fantastic picture “Avatar” created a recognized master in the art world of cinema, James Cameron, opens the eyes of the audience distant planet Pandora, inhabited by higher beings divine heavenly color image of a popular Na’vi. Earthlings swept into the twenty first century with the time of Columbus the warlike spirit of enslavement and destruction of culture distinctive tribes, for their own benefit plan outlined brutal mining a rare mineral, whose vast reserves pose a pristine bloom bosom of Pandora. To implement these evil designs aimed at saving energy depleted Earth, some powerful corporation attracts Jake Sully – Marines who gave their health in the service of their country but now chained to his bed.

Taking advantage ahead of his time, the development of talented scientists, representatives of companies engaged in work that is so necessary for the extraction of fossil them, offer a hero to go to Pandora in a synthetic body, created in the DNA of his twin brother, and adapted to life in the alien, hostile to human body conditions. Having regained freedom of movement in the body of his avatar, Jake overjoyed. However, what he saw in the place of final destination shook his head even more. Living in harmony with the wild, but this and the beautiful nature, the population of Pandora to struggle for their freedom, which is trying to take away his audacious man, disregards other interests.

Sincerely loving locals having a pure and kind heart, Jake is on their side, and meets the real love, not previously familiar to the world. Inspection before the end of the plot of this film, the viewer can appreciate the tremendous work carried out, the authors of which can be proud of the fruits of their efforts is truly talented.

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Avatar (2009)


Genre: Action | Adventure
Size: 2.00 GB
Quality: 720p
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Language: English
Subtitles: English
Run Time: 2hr 58 min
IMDB Rating: 8/10
MPR: PG_13

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