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127 Hours (2010)
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Genre : Adventure, Biography, Drama.
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127 Hours (2010)

Summary - 127 Hours (2010)

If there is a feature of the Danny Boyle film, it is that of the extreme experience. Each of his films has staged a situation, an event, a story out of the ordinary. Shallow grave (little murder between friends) characters whose friendship is strongly undermined because of the suitcase full of money from their dead little roommate after his move to Aron Ralston in 127 hours (127 hours) stuck at the bottom of a canyon because his arm trapped between a rock and the Rocky wall passing through London from 28 days later trying to survive after the spread a virus along the infected into bloodthirsty monsters, the Director makes them live very real nightmares, the psychological and physical trauma undeniable. So no wonder that it has made directed the true story of Aron Ralston, this young American follower of solitary hiking in the gorges of Utah.
Released early this year and recently video cinema, the film is certainly one of the most terrible filmography of Danny Boyle in terms of experience. However, no human infested, no unemployed youth addicted to heroin. No, a man who on the move and with passion, hiking in the canyon, will require it a surprising and ironic chance to remain blocked the right arm between a stone and rock at the bottom of a deep hole. It will spend 127 hours.
It would find it difficult to accept such a premise if it was installed from scratch by writers to the diabolical imagination but the story is true and adapted from the autobiography of Aron Ralston where he tells his misadventure. I have not read the book but the staging of Danny Boyle has, like all his films, the appearance of the lived reality, which makes even more terrible the footage until they become almost unbearable. There was courage and absolute physical and psychological self-sacrifice that had to deploy the hero to die in her hole. This aspect of reality is the strong point of the directed by Danny Boyle, even when it comes to science fiction. Even if the credibility of the science of his film Sunshine has been contradicted or if its India of Slumdog millionaire has created a small controversy in this country.
Perhaps, one might think that a film about a type stuck in a ravine for more than 5 days has the potential to be a deep trouble but there is nothing. Danny Boyle has been able to determine the time required to process its entire subject and James Franco is perfect in the expression of emotions through which passes his character. We start by find the ironic and embarrassing and tragic and finally unbearable situation up to the horror.
There is no difficulty to learn how Aron Ralston came out of this situation by searching on the internet. But if you do not know the end word of the story, don’t try and get 127 hours to live the experience.


127 Hours (2010)

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